Sell shrimp farms 1,636 rai with modern farming systems, Klang, Rayong Province Special price
Only 350 M฿

(This price include everything (All Farming System in this farm, Know how to do this business and etc))



✅ Shrimp pond sales 1,636 rai (title deeds 1236-3-84 rai, and 400 Rai no deeds(Hostile takeover) ) Klang District, Rayong Province

✅ The land is a shrimp farm. Modern water control system.

✅ The land is about 4 km from the sea with intermediate mangrove trees.


For more information, please contact
K’Mo : +66 94 782 2354
Line ID = @thpropertyinvestor (with @ leading)
Whatsapp = +66 94 782 2354
Wechat ID = thaipropertyinvestor
ERA ThaiPropertyInvestor
Thank you

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