Apartment for sale, near Rattana Bundit University(Ladprao 107), 73 rooms + office and shops, good location, quick !!!


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Product Description

Apartment for sale, near Rattana Bundit University(Ladprao 107), 73 rooms + office and shops, good location, quick !!!

Selling only 32 million baht. If interested, negotiate the price terms.

Soi Ladprao 107, Khlong Chan Subdistrict, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240

*** Sorry, information cannot be disclosed. In front of the building because I don't want the caretaker to know about If interested, contact here directly. Willing to show all the information :)


- 73-storey 5-room apartment + 1 office room and 1 shop near Rattanabundit University, income after deducting expenses (at present) 140,000 baht / month or approximately 1,680,000 baht per year (calculated At the available rate of 8 rooms per month)

****** Due to this building There will be only 8 air-conditioned rooms. The average rental price is cheap.

- Good building condition but need to improve marketing and invest in additional air conditioning

***** Only 400 meters to the university (walking distance), near to Seven, Big C, Mini and eating area.

- Land area 152 Sq.

- Usable area of ​​approximately 1,850 sqm.

- Construction about 14 years

Room rental details

- Room size is approximately 24 sqm. The rental rate is as follows:

- Floor 1-2, price 2,200 baht

- 3rd floor, price 2,100 baht

- 4th floor, price 2,000 baht

- 5th floor, price 1,900 baht

If the air conditioner add 500 baht, currently only 8 rooms are installed (in the same location In the same building condition, if equipped with air conditioning, will be able to rent around 3,000 baht)

- Access with key card system

- CCTV installed on every floor, total 5 units

- There are 2 coin washing machines

- 1 water dispenser

- Inside the room, fully furnished, bed cabinet

- Water 18 baht, electricity 8 baht

- Public fee of 200 baht per room, with free internet service

Monthly income

- Only the average annual room rental is 137,000 baht

- Profit of electricity of approximately 5,000 baht

- Central fee, approximately 12,600 baht

- Profit of coin washing machines And water dispenser about 9,000 baht

The cost

- Payroll supervisor 14,300 baht

- Other expenses 8,000 baht per month

Net of approximately 140,000 baht deducted

Or per year equal to 1.68 million baht

Offering for only 32 million baht.

**** If calculated by cost method ****

Land area of ​​152 square meters, only the land price is 90,000 baht per square meter = 13,680,000 baht

Buildings of approximately 1,850 sqm * 15,000 baht per sqm plus 30% depreciation equal to 19.425 million baht

Total amount is 33 million baht.

***** but sell for 32 million baht. If satisfied, negotiate

For more information please contact 

K'  Nithi 094 782 2354 or Line ID: nititut

Note: Tenants are not sure whether to sell this building or not. Afraid that it will affect the tenants if really interested. Willing to take a tour of the building yourself and open all financial information

Thank you :)


If interested in a good investment article, please follow.




Thank you :)

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