Land for sale in a commercial location, almost 3 rai, Wat Phut Market, Bang Si Mueang Road In the heart of Mueang Nonthaburi District Urgent!!

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Address : Bang Si Mueang Road, Bang Krang Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi 11000
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✅ Area 2 rai, 2 ngan, 10 square wah
✅ Width on the road 37 meters, back 33 meters wide
✅ Facing the main road, the left side is 114 meters long, the right side is 98 meters long
✅ Town plan, orange area, Yor. 5 (FAR = 4.5)
✅ Land potential can be constructed with a size equal to 4.5 times the total area or Build up to 18,000 sq m.
✅ Currently, the land is rented out to Wat Phut Market The location is bustling all day.
✅ There are a total of 5 convenience stores within a radius of 500 meters from the land. (The location is very busy!!)
✅ There are many shops and markets nearby.
✅ Very suitable for commercial business almost all types that target the middle market
✅ Very suitable for department stores, wholesale stores furniture showroom Motorcycle showroom, used car dance
✅ Very suitable for marketing various types of air conditioners
✅ Very suitable for making an office with space to sell that need to be on the road and want to be in a bustling location
✅ Very suitable for small allocation projects
✅ Very suitable for investors who want to buy land on the roadside and keep it in the Port for further renting out to customers for long term rental (Having cash deposited in the bank, the value will only decrease But if the cash to invest in roadside land in a bustling location value will only increase)
✅✅ Selling for only 63,000,000 baht!! (62,376 baht/square wa.) ✅✅
Land in prime location, commercial location, in the center of Bang Si Muang, this price can't be found anymore!!
Nearby places
✅ Siamese Market, Bang Si Muang
✅ Sirimongkol Market
✅ Wan Phan Trade
✅ Wat Phutthiprang Pramote
✅ Office of Public Health Mueang Nonthaburi District
For more information, please contact immediately at
Mr. Rich 094-287-8264
Mr. Mo 094-782-2354

Search Line number 084-110-5156
Line ID = @thpropertyinvestor (with @ in front)

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