Apartment for sale, 3 floors, 20 rooms, 100 sq.wa. Chalong Krung, Lat Krabang!


Tenants are always full!! Apartment for sale, 3 floors, 20 rooms, 100 sq m. Chalong Krung, Lat Krabang! The center of Community area!!







Tenants are always full!! New apartment for sale, 3 floors, 20 rooms, 100 sq wa. Chalong Krung, Lat Krabang! The center of community area!!

You can watch the video at : https://youtu.be/7znWPynNG3c

Address: Chalong Krung Road, Lam Pla Thio Subdistrict, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok

Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/ZN8uhjadXtqLzGdG9


✅ 3 storey building
✅ Area size 100 square meters
✅ Building usable area 634 sq m
✅ The building is located in the center of employment
✅ Just completed 1 year
✅ The room is full within the first month!!
Total of 20 rental rooms
✅ 11 air-conditioned rooms, rent 3,300 baht/month
✅ 9 fan rooms, rent 2,800 baht/month
✅ 1 coin-operated washing machine
✅ Parking for 4 cars, 700 baht/month
✅ Water 18 baht, electricity 8 baht
✅✅ *** Offer for sale for only 11,000,000 baht ***✅✅
The dormitory is always full since opening. It's an investment with almost no risk!!
Surrounded by many private companies
Some companies where dorm tenants work
✅ Siamhouse & Home (King Kitchen)
✅ Thai Honda Manufacturing
✅ Mitsubishi Heavy Industry - Mahajak Air Conditioners
✅ FCC (Thailand)
✅ Ogihara (Thailand)
✅ Able to increase income by installing 9 more air conditioners
and adding a coin-operated washing machine

For more information, please contact

Mr. Rich 094-287-8264
Search Line number 084-110-5156
Line ID = @thpropertyinvestor (with @ in front)

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