Urgent!! Commercial building at Huahin for sale, 31.5 Sq.W, being rented by 7-11 Special price!!!




Urgent!! Commercial building at Huahin for sale. It’s being rented by 7-11. It’s very good for long term investment.

******7-11(CP All) has contract of rent for this building 12years. (There are 10 years left from now.)

Expected income from 2018:

2018-2019: The rental fee is 90,000 baht/month (1,080,000 baht per year).
2020-2022: rental fee is 99,000 baht/month (1,188,000baht/year)
2023-2026: The rental fee is 108,900 baht/month (1,306,800 baht/year)
****Anyway, you will get 800,000baht from contract of rent besides the rental fee. CP All company pays 400,000baht in 2019 and 400,000baht in 2023.
Why it’s good to buy?
- The value of building has been increasing continuously. After the rental contract expires, if 7-11 won’t extend the contract, you will also get the higher price of building.
- Absolutely, you will get a lot of profit if you sell it. Additionally, commercial building in this area is very easy to sell.
- There will be many projects in Hua Hin which make the higher value of the building.
- It’s good for long-time investment.
** the company that rent the building is CP All company, one of the biggest company of Thailand. It’s not the franchisee.
- The only risk that you may found is 7-11 won’t extend the contract. However, it’s almost impossible when it’s in prime area.
- It’s easy to sell. Moreover, it’s so easy to find companies to rent. Many companies (such as family mark, etc.) , etc.) are interested to invest in this area.
****In the future, Hua Hun is more popular because of the high speed rail to Hua Hin. Furthermore, there will be a harbor at Hua Hin. The ferries come from Bang Phu.

-------Hot price!! With all perfect condition, It’s only 32 million baht. All payment for transfer is included.

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