4 storey Apartment for sale, total 24 rooms, land area 60 sq.wa. , usable area 582 square meters, Soi Khlong Luang 1, Community area in Pathum Thani !!



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4 storey Apartment building for sale, total 24 rooms, land area 60 Square Wa , usable area 582 square meters, Soi Khlong Luang 1, Community area in Pathum Thani !!
Location :  Map of the apartment building
14°00'02.5"N 100°36'28.6"E

Description : Apartment building

✅ Apartment Building No. 54/7
✅ Land with a 4-storey apartment building, 24 rooms, 2 air-conditioned rooms
✅ Built on land 60 square wa
✅ Usable area 582 square meters
✅ Built for 9 years, the building is in good condition, strong structure, no need to improve, ready to continue the business
✅ The room is a fan room. with bathroom and private balcony
✅ There are 2 air-conditioned rooms.
✅ There is a convenience store in front of the building, convenient
✅ Able to increase the total rental price if equipped with air conditioner
✅ Inside the building can park 15-20 motorcycles
✅ Water is charged at 30 baht per unit.
✅ Electricity is charged at 8 baht per unit.
✅ Currently, almost all units are fully occupied, accounting for 85-90%
✅ The location is in the community employment center near Future Park Rangsit and Rangsit Market. Very crowd people. Can be rented at a rate of 1,700 - 2,500 baht per room, if roughly calculated. Will be able to generate returns around 38,000 - 45,000 baht per month.

With a location near the community source of employment : such as

✅ PTT Gas Filling Plant, Sai North
✅ Specialty Tech Corporation Co., Ltd.
✅ SP Design Printing Co., Ltd.
✅ Thai Kura Bo Curabo Co., Ltd.
✅ By Computer Tech Co., Ltd.
✅ LIXIL Thailand Public Company Limited
✅ Headquarters of Centago companies
✅ Able Industries Co., Ltd.
✅ Chaiseri Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
✅ Market in the morning and in the evening
✅ Rangsit Market
✅ Lotus Rangsit
✅ Future Park Rangsit
In addition, this location is also a location with a future.

✅ The location is in a bustling employment community. Surrounded by many factories, making room rates full almost all year round.
count as investment Potential location building Profitable all year
✅✅ From the price of 10.5 million, a special discount to only 8.5 million baht ✅✅

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Line ID : 093-786-9444
Line ID : @thaipropertyinvestor.net

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